‘Time to stuff another bill in the crazy jar. Soon I’ll be a rich man’

She laughs at others after smashing her own mirrors,
running through suit-wearing business junkies
like a gauntlet.
She powders her nose for breakfast
and eats men for supper.
She drinks darkness
and laughs at pain.
I can see her smiling,
chopping up snakes in a white dress.
Her mind is Jenga, Nintendo, and poltergeist.
Her games teem with shadows, ghosts
and the Third Reich.

There must have been women like this
throughout all the ages
owning the dark corners of caves, inns, palaces, clubs & limousines
spinning webs with drama,
painting her nails with the blood of the weak.
She might have once been human
when she was six.
Now she has a stone for a stomach
a hole for a heart
and no need for a cooler
-she packs ice in her veins.

I see others strung out on her
strung up by her
ready for the spider
to suck out that soul with a smile.

Her eyes burn me to sleep
miles and bottles and years away
Sometimes ‘Bitch’ just doesn’t cut it.
But in time you know
when something wicked this way comes.

In Life we learn not to let everybody in.
I knew a girl once
that believed in fairies.
Say what you want
but that chic knew how to have a good time.
You need to take control of
if not your perspective
than at least your behaviour
and if I were you
I would be thoroughly ashamed
of my conduct
so as your friend
I am telling you
to stop
Right now
Get the fuck up
and grow the fuck up
because I’m tired
of your shit
and  I’m not going to
say this twice:

Get your shit together, Man.

when chasing the dragon
you actually catch it.

The politicians control us.
It is us that should be
controlling the politicians.
When did the public servants
become masters of our pathetic destinies
spent underneath them
when we, as a collective,
are meant for something
far greater
then we are allowing
ourselves to digest?

You know what the problem is?
We just don’t have the mettle
that we used to
as our situation no longer
requires it
because now instead of fighting for it
we just sell it to each other
and it hasn’t pushed us far enough

There is a fly in the room
that is apparently indestructible.
It’s not easy.
It’s tormenting me.
I have come to learn that flies
are Satan’s fairies.

© 2012 Hernan J Monzon

Still working on my online visual presentation. I figure I will go through quite a few ideas before I settle on anything

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