I – Rain
The rain makes a quiet park.
A nice turn from the dead pavement
of another factory abandoned.
When the rain starts to hammer on your head
you can hear so many things
happening all at once.
Angels are up here chattering.
Closer  closer to the heavenly trombones we go
where everything is falling
lingering like angel dust in the air
the scars on your knuckles
the broken edges of your soul
the fuck of it all
And the world is ruled for a spell
by the metronomic pattering
of drops drops drops
and nothing else.

The oblivion between the trees call out for me
to come to calm to be still and get wet.

obscure graffiti drowns in the darkening cement.

II – Passion is
Passion is torture  -is a threat to stability
Is a threat to sanity
Is a threat to everyone around me
because I would throw everything away for it
One heartbeat away from callous madness
for one moment one touch one time
Everything -All of it with reckless abandon
Like a child  like a slave
As if in a dream  as if in a dream

Though I cannot afford those moments anymore
I am driven only by them
I live for them reach for them burn for the sun

Come help me  come harm me
I know what you are a million miles away
And still I allow you to embrace me
So dance  so dance
So make it worth all the sadness
You make me want to die
If without you I have to live
For I would rather live passionately
Than passionless

So dance  so dance
So make it worth all the sadness


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