We laugh and squeal while breaking bones
in the land of empty carnivores.
Come clean come cool come cut come out
The mad circus spinning around you
will always show you the way to the laughing gas.

Then we’ll see where you’re at –years and years on
mad as a mad-hatter’s hat
Smoking up rabbits and chatting up cats.
Laughing when there is nothing to laugh at.

The breath of wind and strength of chains -the pull
the lure that draws you in.
The cheers, so loud, the cheers
while everybody is standing around
waiting for something that will never come
-a magic trick failing to mystify a crowd.

So watch the clown’s get high and laugh and watch the fantastic cunts dance.
You burn your money by giving it to them.
You may make enough to get on the ride but not to get off
and until you get to the end
you will never know the full price of admission.

It’s the land of plenty, my friend,
but it’s the land of empty carnivores.
It’s the land of empty carnival whores
It’s the endless land of ends.


How many ideas did you throw out last night?
Oh, plenty.
Fragments of fragments
all discarded everywhere.

Sometimes the train slows for no one.



  1. Marc

    This just never gets old amigo..always an interesting read and a sometimes twisted perspective, however, keep up the writing and I will keep up the support even if 4000 kms away living in Costa Rica.


    1. HJM Post author

      Thanks man, I really appreciate the feedback. Keeps me going. And I’m starting to design the jacket. Hope things are well. Have a cold one for me in a hot place. And, of course, PURA VIDA!


    1. HJM Post author

      Thanks man I was really hoping you still would. I am working on that now and will have everything ready so that it’s minimal work. Awesome!


  2. DFL


    Excellent, you are really, really good. A sophisticated rhythm and interesting and assured use of language. The ‘C’ word is always kind of shocking, but I guess this came into use in poetry and literature around the 1940s / 50s with Miller, Ginsberg etc. Anyway I like how you can conjure up this startling imagery in such a graceful way. Very gifted my friend! I think everyone is looking forward to much more of your work.

    Anyway, here is my latest, read it and weep….


    Requiem for a Lunch Thief

    In the employee fridge upon a hunch
    I chanced upon a victim’s lunch
    The sandwich was exquisite fare
    My tastebuds cavorted with the pear
    The Hostess Ding Dong was divine
    Only missing was a glass of wine
    But now my intestines feels like a sieve
    That lunch was laced with laxa-tive

    HA HA

    You know, lunch thieves like you can get counselling, you just have to make that first phone call!


    Your friend at BB, D.


    1. HJM Post author

      hahahahahaha! Nice poetry yourself! I know…once you get started on lunch theft it’s almost impossible to stop on your own so I may open up my own center. And I will also encourage people to bring lunches and place them in the employee fridge.



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