Today it is Time for a New Day

Today is a new day. Open the drapes to let the light in. Open the window to let the air in. Remove the cloth from the piano today you play again. Dust off the records let them fill the air with your youth. Remove all the photos that are inhibiting you. There is no reason to keep anything inside. Let everything go. Today it is time for a new day. Open your mind and let it arrive.

We are like prisoners
waiting in line for a meal
for some sun or for death
and every once in a while
somebody will break free of their chains
and make an escape
towards the front gate
pass the guards and up over the fence
as everyone cheers them on
because it’s always good to see one of us
make it.
It gives the rest of us
sorry sacks of shit

“Run, Motherfucker, run!”

But if they really make it out too far
and for too long
to end up living the dream we all have
tucked away close to our chests
without a hitch
well, we don’t like that
not one bit
so we turn on them
see what dirt we can dig up
to throw in their faces
and when we find something
we post it up high
for everyone to see
as though they are the enemy,
the ones keeping us chained.

I suppose it’s only human nature
to want to see people like us rise
and subsequently fall
as that completes the cycle
and we can all feel normal again
satisfied with our unspectacular lives
as things are the way they are supposed to be.

We are like prisoners
waiting in line.
Listless and complacent.
Fraudulent, fickle and maddening.


4 thoughts on “Today it is Time for a New Day

  1. Marc

    True as hell, I ran like a motherfucker and I am glad as fuck that I did bro.
    You need to get down here to beautiful Costa Rica amigo, this place is off the hook and I am not ever coming back to my “old life”. I won’t fail…fuck up…yes, but never any regrets.
    Keep the postings coming Hernan, loving it.
    ~ M



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