Give it to them

People don’t want love poems anymore
They want fight poems
They want fuck poems
They want to see you get torn apart
by the beast for it
by the beast alcohol
by the beast women
by the beast gambling coke crack porn (Jimmy goes pop!)
and rave like a lunatic on fire.

that’s it.
Wail upon the unforgiving streets
bash your face off the glass
cut the skin so deep for nothing
so very nice.
This is what they want
what they hunger for
what they’ll pay you for
so what are you waiting for?

Fucking give it to them.


6 thoughts on “Give it to them

  1. S.

    Since when do we care what people want? :-))) We give them what we feel like giving (if we feel like giving), they’re free to take it. Or not. :-))) But I still like the poem.



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