Do You Fuck?

Do you fuck
because you’re lonely
or because you’re feeling sad
or do you just fuck just to fuck
because it feels so good just to fuck fuck…

Do you fuck
in order to appease the
woman that you’re with
that you lost attraction to long ago
because she let herself go
and because you’re such a great fucking guy?

Do you fuck because it’s Christmas?
Do you fuck rich people
because they’re rich?

Do you fuck and go to sleep
or smoke
or just drive off?
Do you fuck in bed
or do you take it outside
to parks, alleyways, elevators?
Tennis courts?
At the buffet?

Do you dumpster dive? (you know who you are)

Do you only fuck the beautiful
and slim?
Or do you fuck the fat,
the repugnant,
the deranged?

There is quite a broad spectrum
to fucking
a lot of ground to cover
in so little time.
You better get started.
Bring a condom
some beer
and don’t take no for an answer!
Just kidding,
You Rapist.
Just make sure that you’re ready
because you may not get a second chance.

I fuck because I’m wasted
I would probably find too many reasons
not to
because usually there are a HELL
of a lot of reasons not to
stick it in anyone
these days.

But I fuck
because fucking
Is the opposite of dying
And I’m dying
just to fuck.

6 thoughts on “Do You Fuck?

  1. S.

    Well, this was a very interesting glimpse of the world seen from the opposite side (the world looks a little bit more romantic seen from Venus, I kid you not) but thanks for the insight 🙂


    1. HJM Post author

      I thought about this and when I started writing poetry they all were romantic poems. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe things get lost along the way.


      1. S.

        I guess things just change a bit in the process 🙂 Change is good. At least I hope you’re still true to what you feel. And whether your poems are romantic or not, they are very good, your writing is very vivid.


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