Some days I beat the dreams back
with my bare fists.
I can’t function like this.
I cannot operate like this.
Go away.
Come back later,
I’ll write you a cheque
Whatever you want.
Go back
beneath the carpet
beneath the broken empty interiors
of nicely dressed-up places
back into the fire the fray
the heart of wild stars
& lonely places unvisited
back into the wilderness
of a sleeping child’s unkempt mind.
Go away!
I’ve got important things to do
I’ve got to strap on a tie
and smile at the shit
navigate my way
around all of the people
to get in my way.
These are adult things
and you are just a child.
In fact, you will always be
a child
so this comes first
but make sure that you do
come back
because I know
without you
there is nothing
but darkness
under a freshly-pressed shirt.

I could spend my daylight
just looking at her.
I want to know how
she feels music.
is the place in her eyes
is the breath of an angel.


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