World-Wide Unrest

This is the time of night
when the cold wind rustles the dead leaves
when all the flowers wither up into little balls
of dried nothingness
where the radio plays the same song
over and over again
as factories close
and politicians get reelected
the wheel turns and turns
deeper into the mud
the children are made slaves
in order to have a future
and families become separated
over merchandise
while our armies eradicate God
in new lands
and the beasts of burden
perpetually shit on a society
that cannot collectively cry
that instead bleeds random sociopaths
as it rains pestilence
from the products we create
within the systems that fail
under the weight of corruption
and there is word-wide unrest
as thousands protest
against the walls of bureaucracy
while the thugs behind the wheel
laugh all the way to the bank
and all of our principles, virtues and very ideals
are bought and sold
in the institutions they have built.

This is the time of night
that I crack open another beer
turn up the Bach

and am grateful for my cat.

23 thoughts on “World-Wide Unrest

  1. “where the radio plays the same song
    over and over again
    as factories close”

    this really hit me as a great way of describing something arbitrary.
    Also the end of this poem is awesome.
    Keep em coming, or else.

    1. you know, I have never had the opportunity to read her but I will check her out. Thank you for that though, that’s awesome.

    1. I always thought that Bach’s music was more uplifting. Very interesting and layered. Phenomenal composer. I always keep him around.

    1. Thank you! I have more like it but I want to stay away from being a negative doomsday type of person although it appears to be a consistent reflection of my views of the world these days.

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