The Dweller

With nowhere left to turn, a discarded fighter resigns to his humiliating end by venturing into his father’s secret cellar in search of the dark forces behind a childhood that he struggles to recall. There, he meets a whimsical man named Michael who gives him one last opportunity to fight and together they embark on a fast-tracked journey to fame and fortune.

Only that journey is just the beginning…

There is something waiting inside of Bryson, leaking out into the threshold of his new reality, and it is coming for him. It comes through the memories that haunt him. It beckons through the dreams that plague him. It reaches out through the dead that unravel him. It is coming to life in everything around him and it is wearing the face of his lost childhood’s darkest domain: the truth.

Now Bryson must explore the depths of a sinister world he had never dreamt existed in order to confront a past that may be the only key to saving his future. Join him as he travels from night forest to city underworld tearing through the thin veil of illusion that separates the living from the dead, dreams from consciousness, and Heaven from Hell.

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Tale of The Nightmare Princess

This was a mistake
In an age of utter calamity, two unsavoury monks about to be hanged for crimes against humanity and other, more interesting species are instead reluctantly brought before a drunkard king and given a task only slightly better than death: to guide his daughter, the Nightmare Princess, to an unholy matrimony with the Prince of Darkness.

Nobody is safe
The hastily formed dysfunctional group of outcasts quickly embark on a drug-laced, alcohol-fuelled journey fraught with disaster as they carve a path of chaos across the land, leaving a trial of fiery devastation behind them that consumes evil foe and innocent bystander alike.

Only death awaits
Haunted through the night by the ominous drumbeats of a vast army that pursues them solely intent on their annihilation, the group treads through forest, village and mountain facing unrelenting menace on their way to the ultimate battle that will decide the fate of all things to come…and it has never looked so horrifyingly bad!

And you are in my face
Untrusting of each other and the world around them, the group must battle with their own demons and survive one another first as only when the pills are gone, the flask is empty and the unknown army is closing in like the darkness that surrounds them will they find their greatest challenge –themselves (and their cat).

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Several townsfolk have gone missing from a frontier town on the edge of winter and it wasn’t long before thoughts turned to Elroy, the simple servant boy who worked for the prosperous Churchill family.  Emily, a young teacher, follows her father as he and several others march towards Elroy’s cabin looking for answers.

What they find is a terrifying descent into a new reality that reaches out from a hole in the ground and the insidious entity living inside of it, one that quickly plunges the entire town into a nightmarish abyss from which there is no respite. Only Hell awaits those that seek to uncover the secrets of Elroy’ cabin.

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