Thank you for taking the time to read me.

I am still searching for the right way to say things. It’s never easy. I enjoy reading novels and poetry that are fresh and exciting. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the same. But I am happy to just simply continue to do what I love and that is to write.

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    1. HJM Post author

      Wow. Thank you. To be honest I am not much for awards but in no way do I discredit them. That you took the time to tell me that means much more to me than an award can. I appreciate the encouragement and I hope that I can continue to produce pieces that you enjoy reading. Again, thank you.

      1. ljbradburn

        You are very welcome and I don’t mind at all πŸ™‚ I am sure that you will, you are very talented and I have really enjoyed looking through your stuff so far. Good luck with the writing x

  1. KatieLee714

    I laughed so hard reading your poem about the Russian neighbor lady and the one about your box of wine. I haven’t been impressed with poetry for a long while. I miss poets like Sylvia Plath and The Beatniks. You remind me of a bygone era in poetry. It’s refreshing, to be clichΓ©. But it’s also a revival that I’ve been hoping for. Thank you for your vivid imagery. You are able to capture word pictures and share them with your reader. I can see what you are imagining in minute detail. I am still working on this writer to reader connection in my writing. Bravo to you. Keep writing.

    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      It’s funny, I have really become discouraged lately and was going to stop with the blog altogether because I love to write comedy that nobody seemed to be interested in. This was actually yesterday that I was pondering this. You know, sometimes all it takes is one person to encourage you to go on. Thank you sooo much for being that person. When I read your post I almost cried. Thank you so much.

      1. KatieLee714

        I am the queen of quick beginnings and unfinished endings (typical woman, always leaving people hanging). I was toying with the idea of completing a novel I am several chapters into last night. I read some to my boyfriend, and he was very encouraging. But I think the fear of failure and lack of others’ interest in my writing thus far harasses me, nags me, allows me the excuse to not produce the quality and quantity of writing that I want to produce. As humans, we crave human connection and approval. As writers, we need approval to be “successful” according to society’s standards. Anytime I face insecurity, lack of enthusiasm from others, or a slight bit of disappointment, I shut myself down. I’m working on that. My boyfriend Nelson is a seasoned musician, 37, still playing for restaurants while working his full time job, finally finding a career and realizing that the troublesome gig scene isn’t paying the bills; he’s a fantastic guitarist, able to pick up any tune, play a salt-shaker slide. He’s still fighting for his place at the musician’s round table, still seeking gigs and networking on top of his day job. Nelson’s advice to me went something like this: Keep writing, even if you don’t publish that first novel because you will publish the second or the third or the fourth. Every word, every sentence, every page you write is one word closer to your goal; it is one word closer to where you need to be. With each word, comes experience that you must have to guide yourself to your future. I don’t want to face what-ifs in my final days. I don’t want to wonder what might have happened had I kept the faith and continued writing. If you need encouragement, drop by. I can offer it any time. Keep the faith and keep writing. We are writers; it’s what we do; we do what we love.

        (I think I’m going to post this to my blog to encourage others like us. We all need a little push πŸ˜‰

  2. Hernan J Monzon Post author

    This is wonderful and I full-heartedly agree. I have written three novels and am in the process of editing them and putting them online. I have no sales and I wrote them ten years ago so I’m basically gutting them out and it’s very frustrating. I fight with why I continue everyday but you’re right in that you have to do what you love and keep doing it. It shouldn’t come easy, things that do always end badly. You need to have the struggle. It makes you a better and more determined person. I believe that we as people are emotional beings and do require encouragement from time to time otherwise it’s easy to devalue yourself.

    I don’t want to face what-if’s in my final days either. I will stubbornly continue forward. It is really nice to meet people like you that are doing the same. I think you should post this. Good advice. Look forward to reading your stuff.

  3. bejamin4

    Hi, just finished the Dweller and wow! That’s some fantastic writing. The ending actually gave me literal chills. I see it as metaphor but perhaps also not as one where there is still some terrible darkness out there. Overall, the novel was strong in all areas. Love your writing style, your flow, and your thinking process, as well as your ability to go just right raw and uncensored. A magical story with magical elements. Again, really blew my writerly-self away with this one. Continued success with all your writing goals.

      1. bejamin4

        You’re welcome again. Really you’re as talented as any writer out there. You can craft excellent action, prose, plot and dialogue. As you say: “[…] keep writing no matter what anyone tells you.”

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