There’s an Itch and it’s on the Move

There’s an itch on my foot
inside of my shoe
and I can’t get rid of it
each time I try to scratch it
it moves
then returns five minutes
and I can never seem to
nail down the spot
to relieve it
and it’s slowly
driving me

And I just wanted you to know

(that it’s moved into my soul).


10 thoughts on “There’s an Itch and it’s on the Move

  1. f8

    Nice. (produces entire trilogy of films about toe to soul itch that are STILL more enthralling than Vin’s filmography combined to the ninth parallel)


  2. HJM Post author

    One of these days you BEG me to go watch the next FF movie with tears of joy in your eyes and it will be a great day indeed.



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