An Endless Supply of Earwigs

My home is overrun by earwigs
every time I get ten
thirty more will stream out
from under something
and quickly go about
making their way towards me.

They will sometimes stop
to group together
entwining, twitching, flipping
all over the place
in a relentless orgy of insects
desecrating everything.

I think that killing them
has become a fully developed
and even enflamed
psychosis of mine
because I have just finished writing
a horror story about insects (and demons)
and the imagination
is a fierce beast to contend with
when it’s 3AM
and they are parading across the kitchen table
right into my dreams.


5 thoughts on “An Endless Supply of Earwigs

  1. On the right path

    You are the 3rd person I have heard/read bemoaning the existence of earwigs today. Screw the plague of locusts thing. It is earwigs that are taking over the world. Replace earwigs with cockroaches and you have one of the reasons that I finally moved from the tropics. Over a year later and I still see skittering shadows in my peripheral vision. Shudder indeed.


  2. HJM Post author

    That is the exact reason why I chose not to move to the tropics. I abhor insects. I don’t see too many of them these days in my house but for a week it was like living in a nightmare!



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