You Have to Keep Fighting Because Everything Depends on it

Sometimes it will come at you
with a right
and sometimes you can see it
just in time to move your head
enough away
so that it doesn’t knock you the fuck out
on the first blow
and in being a reasonable man
you try to grapple with it
just to let it know
that you won’t go down
so easily
but then out of nowhere
there will come a flick to the nuts
like it’s got a third arm
or something
and with just the perfect snap
with just the perfectly applied
it’ll bring you to your knees
and then guaranteed that fucker
will start choking the shit out of you
unless you try to get back up
and start hammering back
and good
because as of late
it’s become an impossible asshole
but in the midst of doing so
you’ll forget
that it’s got legs
because next thing you know
there’s a heel
planted firmly into your gut
knocking everything out of you
even childhood memories
and now that heel
is grinding your face into the pavement
for your trouble
as you drool and bleed
wishing that you were
never born.

But hey,
that’s life.

Some days are better than others
but you can’t ever stop
you have no choice
but to keep fighting
day after day
week after week
no matter how tired or fed up
or beaten down
you really are
because you understand
that this is it
it’s not ever going to change
until you change it
and so you fight
and you keep fighting
like everything depends on it

because it does.


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