Cracker Jack Dynamite
I don’t care about
what you think about
what I write about

That was the old me.
He doesn’t live here anymore
and he won’t pick up the phone.
He’s long gone.
He died in a fiery crash
at the bottom of a rocky ravine.
He went insane within the confines
of a strange asylum.
He got the bullet
in the stomach,
a fist in the face,
a swipe of steel on the easy streets.

Now all that’s left is just this
crazy person
slobbering freely at a desk,
giggling at nothing
like a silly goose.
So who ordered the fucking maniac?
Damn bat-shit insane!
One sick puppy,
I’m a mean fun-stick grab-bag
Cracker Jack Dynamite!
Waking up the dragon
with religious zeal.

Your soul,
it twists
like a twizzler
when you go down
all the way
to the bottom of the well.

So come on, Rabbit, come on.

I have come to learn
that I like you a lot better
when I don’t give a fuck
about you
so take this
as obvious proof
that I don’t care about
what you think about
what I write about

Silly Goose.

Go Choke on a Trip
I am your captain fantasy.
Charming fantastic!
Here, dreams in a pill.
A kingdom in a dose.
Come and grab it take it
have it.
Drink it breathe it drop it
slam it.
Let’s die in a dream.
Go choke on a trip.
Silly rabbit,
are for kids.


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