You Don’t Know Me at All (Get you)

I went to a spoken word open mic at a local cafe the other day and I found it to be a fine group of outstanding people brought together for the love of words and fucking reading them to each other so I thought that next time I should go and contribute something to the wonderful atmosphere that would add to the fucking positive vibe and ‘get to know you’ attitude. So this is my first piece meant to be spoken at such a venue in an increasingly aggressive manner. Hope you enjoy!

You don’t know me.
You know fuck all about me.
Who I am
where I’ve been
what I’ve seen
what I’ve done

what I’m capable of.

So don’t think you can come here
on my block
down my street
to my door
with your bullshit
thinking that I’m just going to
sit back, smile and let you
take something from me.

I know all about people like you
I’ve seen you before
many different times
with many different faces
and I know what you’re after
better than you do.

I know what you’re going to say
what you’ll use and
who you’ll throw aside
to get what it is that you want.

coming here
thinking that I’m some chump
that’s going to move out of your way
is a big fucking mistake
because we’ll just cut to the chase and
end up taking it outside
out front
down the back alley.
Hell, we could take it anywhere
I’m fine with that.

I’ve been there before for less.

The real question
before you even start is:
How far are you going to take it?
How far are you willing to go?
You better ask yourself that
before you step on my property.

Because whatever that length is
and whatever your stakes are
I’ll meet you there
and then I’ll raise you
with nothing more than a shrug
because there is very little
that I’m not willing to do
to prove a point to your kind
and then we’ll see
what’s what
and who’s who.

So don’t you come here
with your intentions, plans
with your preconceived notions
of who I am

because you don’t fucking know me
at all.


10 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me at All (Get you)

    1. HJM Post author

      I don’t know. I left before it even started because it still didn’t start almost an hour after the posted time and everybody was really quiet and to themselves. That’s why I figure next time I’ll just get up and read this to break the ice. I’m not the most confident in reading in front of everyone though.


      1. Billie

        Good to break the ice then… those poetic types, honestly!
        yeah, I’ve not done a poetry reading in front of anyone; when I read out loud I suddenly become aware of how many different ways the words deserve to be read, and how static my voice is! But this one has a brilliant scope for drama.


  1. S.

    I bet that’ll make you one of the most popular readers in that crowd 🙂 And I am not even sarcastic, they’ll divide in two, the half that will fear you (’cause they sense you are speaking the truth) and the half that would die to actually take it outside (but won’t dare, haha), anyway, you’ll be the point of gravity and the subject of discussion for both groups… which is the whole point of the event anyway, right?! 😀


    1. HJM Post author

      Fucking right, then as I come back off stage I’ll throw fake shots at people’s head asking them what the FUCK they’re looking at. Tough!



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