I will not bend forward
to give you a light
to pass you the bread
to lend you a hand

This is sustained by a state of agitation
and attrition of spirit
and I am sorry that I cannot abide
by what is expected

There are angels out there
selfless devotees of compassion
that would aid you without question
my brother is one of them

I am not and
I cannot even tell you
at which point that part of me died
and I can see the upset
the disappointment
in your face

but I just don’t care
and the saddest part of it is
that I don’t even know why


6 thoughts on “Apathy

      1. sitateofani

        perhaps, we need some people who slap on our face and say : you are hurting your self!
        and i would slap you on your face and say : whichever it is DONT DIE!


  1. S.

    Very deep. I am your exact opposite, though I am no angel. It scares me so bad when I feel the kindness dying inside of me little by little (sometimes more sometimes less, depending on the amount of evil around me) so I usually shift my life around completely when I feel this happening… I like how you can express your feelings and make it really clear without seeming a jerk, hahaha – this takes talent 🙂


    1. HJM Post author

      Thank you. I think this is the introverted part of me that has become so dislodged. Sometimes I can feel myself floating away from everyone around me. And it doesn’t matter. And that scares the shit out of me.



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