Her Flower is the Rain

She absently plays with the stitches across her lips. Her eyes have more sky than sky. Laughter like wind chimes she holds out her hands to collect the rain hides all her light where nobody is allowed and I’ve walked past her a million times a million times.

The Dust of Long Dead Sheep

I almost feel like begging for the big grand knife or the slender shivering blade in these abundant alleyways filled with uncertain strangers with cartoon eyes and teeth yellowed from manic sweets (clowns, jugglers, thieves in sharp expensive suits) but all that they do is kill me with conversation until sleep gravity takes me down […]

Waiting For The Sun

I don’t know where the light is anymore in all of this running around. Grace has left me and I’m still young bent from callous, careless hands left a beaten graffitied trashcan turned over and motionless at the mouth of an alley. There is always a child screaming into my ear from somewhere deep inside. […]

Beautiful Quiet Melody

There was this girl at school Quiet Melody was her name. She used to hide in her hair. Long and black it was like a raven’s back and she used it as a curtain so that nobody could see her. When people addressed her Melody would wave sheepishly distantly as though from another planet and […]

Why I Avoid Large Congregations of People

Trying to find a place to park once you’re finally here just to get in and be confronted with large congregations of people lining up all over the place to drink to sit to eat to go to the bathroom at sporting events, concerts amusement parks gathering, grazing, gawking at each other Yeah, I like […]


I will not bend forward to give you a light to pass you the bread to lend you a hand This is sustained by a state of agitation and attrition of spirit and I am sorry that I cannot abide by what is expected There are angels out there selfless devotees of compassion that would […]