Why I Avoid Large Congregations of People

Trying to find a place to park
once you’re finally here
just to get in and be confronted with
large congregations of people
lining up all over the place
to drink to sit to eat
to go to the bathroom
at sporting events, concerts
amusement parks
gathering, grazing, gawking
at each other
Yeah, I like to watch them too
people are stories
walking by you
but to immerse myself in
such a zoo of humanity
and even pay to do so
to me is insane.

So you go ahead
I’ll be in the field
lying beneath a tree
with a book in my lap
and only the song birds
for company

loving every minute of it.


12 thoughts on “Why I Avoid Large Congregations of People

  1. dtdeedge

    but are we not social creatures,
    by nature,
    by design?
    are we not a collective expression?

    who am I to talk,
    I will pick a tree near you,
    though not near enough
    to interrupt
    your solitude.

    those masses bother me as well,
    bordering on obscene,


  2. f8

    i’ll be in the field as well,
    singing betty davis at the top of my lungs
    frightening everyone around me
    like a proper, ginger madman does.


    1. HJM Post author

      That is pretty much all that I do when I’m at a large venue of any kind. I actually pay more attention to the people around me than what it is that I was there to see or do in the first place.



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