The Demonization of Elroy the Dim & My Writing Journey So Far

I have a short story now out on Smashwords. I would love if you would check it out. You can download it in whatever format you wish, including PDF (for printing) without having to register at the site and it’s free!

I had tried to fit as much diabolical horror as I could into this one. In fact, there is guaranteed to be more demonic activity per page than you’ll find anywhere. If reading this does not give you terrible nightmares than I am not doing my job. So if you are looking for a nice, light summer read that will take you on a harrowing journey into Hell than you should not miss out on this great opportunity to lose your soul!

The promotional thing isn’t really my thing but I’m trying:


I also have my novel ‘Tale of the Nightmare Princess’ available on Amazon:

I am teaching myself photoshop and Illustrator so it will hopefully pay off in my future covers, unless anyone knows of other good programs for cover designs please let me know.

So at this point I have put up a novel on amazon and a short story on Smashwords and I am now going to do the vice versa. If anyone is considering self-publishing I would recommend that you put your story up at both sights. The whole process of getting these two projects out was rushed and I made a lot of mistakes but now I know how it’s done moving forward.

I am going to take August off from working on my books in order to read through some new poetry books I have recently procured and just relax a little more. I am also going to read up on how to promote my stuff because that part scares the Hell out of me and I have no idea how to effectively do it or even if I can. We’ll see!

September I will begin editing and working towards putting out a horror novel: The Dweller. I am really excited because this book is the first that I have ever written, I have already rewritten it twice and it is important to me to put it out as the best that I can make it. And this time I am going to take my time. I really am going to try to do better.

Thanks for reading me.


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