Homicidal Tendencies

I am convinced that everyone
has within them
homicidal tendencies
shimmering just beneath the surface
like secret electricity.

I can see it when they smile
in their teeth
the brightness of their eyes
the firmness of their handshake
I’ll call you tomorrow
I can see it in fathers at dinner tables
or in the short, old man
behind the register
I can see it in her face
when she tells me that she loves me
and I see it in you
right now.

I know what’s in your heart
because I know what is in mine.

So what is this, a confession?
an admission of sorts?
a promise?

Fuck it,
would you like to go for a walk?


6 thoughts on “Homicidal Tendencies

  1. Shirlena

    No walks with you Mr. but I do agree. They say if you haven’t thought about killing someone you’re in love with than you haven’t really been in love. The operative word here is…THOUGHT/THINK 🙂


    1. HJM Post author

      Hahaha, Shirlena, especially not after reading that! And I really like that statement. It makes a lot of sense. Ultimately it’s our actions that makes us who we are. There are a lot of avenues for our emotions. I think that if I didn’t write I would not be nearly as well-adjusted as I am…or think I am.



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