New Horror Novel Out: The Dweller

I have a new horror novel out now on Amazon that delves into my musings on perception, dreams and the spirit world—and just in time for the holidays! You should definitely check it out!

Why You Had To Kill A Man

He put your sister in the hospital again so now you’ve got to do something about it, don’t you? Fuck if he’s your friend. You pull over by the shed. There he is, fold-out chair on gravel half in the shade looking like a dead man. “I’m sorry, Man.” He keeps saying. “I’ll get help. […]

Homicidal Tendencies

I am convinced that everyone has within them homicidal tendencies shimmering just beneath the surface like secret electricity. I can see it when they smile in their teeth the brightness of their eyes the firmness of their handshake I’ll call you tomorrow I can see it in fathers at dinner tables or in the short, […]

I am Burning With Life

I am burning with life not a candle but a torch, a wall, an inferno I blaze I want to touch your skin, your arms, your face so that you can feel it feel me my rage my love is pain that burns like tears that never go away. I am burning with Life.

Rage is a Paper Plane

“Sorry to hear that all the sour bitches have click their heels all over your face on their way out. Isn’t this the sixth one in two weeks? Sounds like you have more problems than most men have opportunities so don’t sweat it or do… go hit a bag write a song pet a cat […]