When the summer moon kisses the night ocean it creates a luminous walkway upon the glistening surface. A haunting white ribbon stretching right out to shore. An ethereal passage of light inviting out to all eternity the bravest of souls and the already dead all the same.

Short Segments of My New Horror Novel: The Dweller

Here are some short segments from ‘The Dweller’ just to provide a snapshot of what’s inside! Dead Girl Writing on a blackboard: Facing Yourself Before the Fight: Voices Coming From the Walls:        

New Horror Novel Out: The Dweller

I have a new horror novel out now on Amazon that delves into my musings on perception, dreams and the spirit world—and just in time for the holidays! You should definitely check it out!

The Dust Of Long Dead Sheep

It’s always time for the rodeo when I’ve accepted the fetal position as a way of life for fear of putting on the clown suit. Doubt comes barging in like a mad cocaine pirate that I welcome on-board with streamers, ribbons and balloons as my dreams vacuously congeal into dried husks so often that I […]

Visiting The Places From My Dreams

After dreaming about a place a house a factory a strip multiple times I will take a pilgrimage there get out of my car and walk around looking for something familiar though I can never find anything more than just a house a factory a strip but still like a demented mule I will keep […]

Dreams are For You and For You Only

You can never fully explain your dreams to anyone and I don’t know why some people bother because you really have to be there right there in order to truly understand its impact. You must personally taste the all-encompassing fear experience the movement and interpret the sounds yourself. The light, colour and depth of this […]

Everything is Out to Get You While You Sleep

You are most vulnerable while you are sleeping and it is for this reason that I give my bedroom a thorough inspection before I am satisfied with my surroundings enough to lay down to rest and this is after the routine perimeter check of the household to ensure that all possible entrances are firmly secured: […]