When the summer moon kisses the night ocean it creates a luminous walkway upon the glistening surface. A haunting white ribbon stretching right out to shore. An ethereal passage of light inviting out to all eternity the bravest of souls and the already dead all the same.

Summer Is Coming

Beneath the frozen ground I can see summer. I heard it was coming in the loose gossip buoyantly floating around town. I had a dream that leaves were climbing back upon the trees like little green soldiers. Soon, all the birds will come back all at once and the girls laughing will break out the […]

The Tree From Which Robins Sing (For Sariah)

This is me in here trapped, tragic and tearing out life in words worlds whittled out from sadness out into the dark from light out from my hand out like a melody from the tree from which robins sing. I speak the language of birds calamitous harmony in my happiness when I am alone always […]

In This Summertime

The breeze blows in from unknown places it sails my paper plane into the wide open sky of a child’s eyes wild with dreams a soft kiss of wind remember remember what it was like the living sky enchanted the evening it comes it drums alive drowned in summer chanting as crickets dance beneath the […]