The king sky wants us all to bow today. The flowers mercilessly pelted by the machine-gun rain. The wind a whip walloping the atmosphere trees waving like waves. clouds crowding clouds split by stark lightning brings to ground rumbling shivering window panes.

A Great Winter Has Swept Blue Through The City

A great winter has swept blue through the city. Stark frowns in cold sunlight. Every lawn a pyramid of old snow. Warped roads filled with holes have warped minds. Time hangs lifelessly across the perimeters of the night days. Soon melted deposits into the high river will run right across your lives. The air is […]

Summer Is Coming

Beneath the frozen ground I can see summer. I heard it was coming in the loose gossip buoyantly floating around town. I had a dream that leaves were climbing back upon the trees like little green soldiers. Soon, all the birds will come back all at once and the girls laughing will break out the […]