Mr. Snow Plow

He’s been pounding back the sauce since his wife left and took the house the kids the dog now he lives in his snow plow at the end of my street idling, waiting for me to come out after the storm to start shoveling. He can barely see me as through his alcoholic haze I […]

After The Fight

After the fight I walked calmly down the stairs towards the front door with table legs breaking on my back. My brother was in the kitchen making coffee “Good morning!” I said as I dodged a stool. “She’s real pissed. I’ll explain later. I’m off to work.” My brother lifted his cup shrugged and returned […]

A Great Winter Has Swept Blue Through The City

A great winter has swept blue through the city. Stark frowns in cold sunlight. Every lawn a pyramid of old snow. Warped roads filled with holes have warped minds. Time hangs lifelessly across the perimeters of the night days. Soon melted deposits into the high river will run right across your lives. The air is […]

Fuck January

It was -26C out. I had turned the key twice but my car wouldn’t start. It would just growl a little then die. I gave it a dirty look. It started. I drove across a city covered in ice as brittle as glass and snow turned hard as stone screaming along to a rap song […]

Center of The Dancing Sycophants

I am tired of the endless winter in my hair and my flesh so easy to tear and organs to crush. I have welcomed through black windows vacancy and irony -I have fed upon them then licked the plate clean and asked for more with an adoring look in my eyes. The sycophants around me […]