Fuck January

It was -26C out. I had turned the key twice but my car wouldn’t start. It would just growl a little then die. I gave it a dirty look. It started. I drove across a city covered in ice as brittle as glass and snow turned hard as stone screaming along to a rap song […]

Maria! Maria! Oh, God no…Maria!

We were driving back home on the freeway doing about 180 both drunk killing tall cans by the minute trunk stuffed with crushed empties. Fuck the world is what he said when he picked me up. He had just gotten divorced by some Maria down in Cuba and it was fresh so often throughout the […]

Fuck Future Shop

The boy that works at Future Shop corrected me on a detail of the laptop I was considering for purchase and he seemed so happy to do so that I wondered if that was all that there was for him and what that said about the state of our nation as I impatiently stood in […]