Standing outside the warehouse 3:30 a.m. on a Monday night buzzed as fuck because my life was completely out of control but the world was always ending anyway. I was waiting for the whatever man: the Space man the Big man Blast man –fucking Spider-man. And I was there to pick up whatever it was […]


“I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen if you go to the hospital in order to save you some time. First, they’ll take some tests, stick needles into you, give you some saline and sedatives, pump your stomach and slide a catheter into your dick. None of which will be pleasant under your […]

Crazy Mexican Cocaine Cop Killer

Fresh from leaving the scene with bodies all over the floor staring up at the ceiling fans with glass eyes. They looked exactly how Hector said when he showed me my first: “See, there’s nothing inside of them anymore. You’ve got nothing to fear from a dead man except his kid.” Soon after the slaughter […]

Short Segments of My New Horror Novel: The Dweller

Here are some short segments from ‘The Dweller’ just to provide a snapshot of what’s inside! Dead Girl Writing on a blackboard: https://hernanjmonzon.com/2014/09/27/dead-girl-writing-on-a-blackboard-dont-turn-her-around/ Facing Yourself Before the Fight: https://hernanjmonzon.com/2014/05/16/facing-yourself-before-the-fight-dweller-chapter-15/ Voices Coming From the Walls: https://hernanjmonzon.com/2014/05/04/hey-little-birdy-come-and-make-an-old-man-happy-dweller-chapter-14/        

Maria! Maria! Oh, God no…Maria!

We were driving back home on the freeway doing about 180 both drunk killing tall cans by the minute trunk stuffed with crushed empties. Fuck the world is what he said when he picked me up. He had just gotten divorced by some Maria down in Cuba and it was fresh so often throughout the […]

Coke Dick Whiskey Dick

“You’re not allowed anymore of that (substance). You’re going to get coke-dick. You’re going to get whiskey-dick. You’re going to get all kinds of dick except the one that stands up straight and is of any use.” Such a tough crowd. She had her arms crossed. Doll-Junky, you’re my true high. Naked. 3PM at a […]

How to Kill a Ginger

Vickers was a fire-breathing ginger capable of mass-destruction even in the unlikeliest of places and therefore had to be kept under constant supervision lest he destroy your peace of mind, soul and your five-year relationship while going to the fridge to get a beer. I had spent the last half-hour trying to kill him with […]

One Hot Day & Two Hot Blondes

We went to an outdoor concert. Big venue. It was me, my buddy, our girlfriends years into relationships that were turning bitter. We both had just gotten over some big fights but there was tension still lingering and lurking all over the place behind words, gestures, looks, swipes at character made here and there. As […]