You’re terrified of death because you don’t really know what it is, what it’s like, what comes after. You’ve spent your whole life building things up but all that will be gone in an instant and you are deeply troubled by the idea that there is nothing afterwards; that you just extinguish like a light, […]

Games The Dead Play

Jackson with the long blonde hair Hollywood smile badass black leather jacket and slim frame gracing the kitchen at a party I was watching him from the living room making some beautiful girl laugh playing it all up smooth as silk rippling in a fine french wind but that was Jackson last I remember the […]

Crazy Mexican Cocaine Cop Killer

Fresh from leaving the scene with bodies all over the floor staring up at the ceiling fans with glass eyes. They looked exactly how Hector said when he showed me my first: “See, there’s nothing inside of them anymore. You’ve got nothing to fear from a dead man except his kid.” Soon after the slaughter […]

Looking For a New Ride to Break

Sometimes you lose control of the car so suddenly that it flies spectacularly out into the night headlights staring up at God bumper smiling at the black nothingness that has enveloped the world (so quickly does the sun die in these times) while inside arms flailing teeth grinding down everything slows down for that one […]

What About You, Sweetheart?

I ran with her from the barn covered in hay and smiles through the fields whipped by corn chasing the sunlight in her hair all through my childhood. I was a lucky boy –she was such a beautiful girl. She used to hide me in the hammock spinning me around (laughing) to cocoon me inside […]