Father’s Stress is Now My Stress

When I was a child and Father used to come home from the plant or the yard and later on from the office I used to run into the kitchen where he sat reading the paper and jump on him screaming as I’ve been home all day smashing trucks together in the back lot and […]


‘My life is fulfilled now that I know what you had for fucking lunch.’ I always keep a poem or two to work on at work it keeps me off Facebook while waiting for files to load when the software is frozen or the servers are down or both so that I don’t have to […]

They’ll Squeeze it Out of You Like A Machine

They’ll squeeze it out of you like a machine every last drop whether you run a press sit at a desk or stand in a boardroom until one day you realize how much time you have spent breaking your back busting your bones shitting out your soul for dollars and cents and it all suddenly […]

Poetry at Work

I’m on the Clock: As sure as a running clock or a car running over your dog people have a bad habit of coming up to my desk at work everyday and talking to me about all kinds of crazy horseshit because there is a large neon sign positioned directly above my monitor that reads: […]