Dad, Have You Seen My Scooter?

Life at times can unrelentingly kick your ass without ever offering an explanation for it and then brutally punish you for being desperate until the world flips over gravity undoes itself and all of the universe unravels in your lap and this all occurs when you are unfocused or not paying attention like day-dreaming behind […]

The Laughing

I must have been twelve the first time I heard it deep in the woods -the laughing. Sometimes it was a woman’s laughter sometimes it was a man’s sometimes an old voice and sometimes young but there was something about the laughing unlike anything you’ve heard before. Deep in your bones you knew that it […]

Facing Yourself Before The Fight (Dweller Chapter 15)

As though on cue, the mechanism beneath the platform I stood upon creaked and whined as it began the ascent into the heart of the World Stadium completely indifferent to whom it carried. It must remember well the emotions of all the past fighters that had stood upon it throughout decades of victories and disappointments. […]

The Manufactured Spirit of the Rat Race

Let’s say that you actually have a good idea. In this era of capitalism you go find yourself some investors that believe in it enough to begin laying the groundwork for a production line. You have a business model, financial plan design specs; all the groundwork plus manufacturing equipment ready to start pumping out units […]


I wonder why people think that they need politicians other than wanting a face there to tell them that everything will be okay that all of the things they don’t want to think about themselves would be dealt with their best interests in mind because seriously, what kind of fool would believe that? They say […]

World-Wide Unrest

This is the time of night when the cold wind rustles the dead leaves when all the flowers wither up into little balls of dried nothingness where the radio plays the same song over and over again as factories close and politicians get reelected the wheel turns and turns deeper into the mud the children […]

Poetry at Work

I’m on the Clock: As sure as a running clock or a car running over your dog people have a bad habit of coming up to my desk at work everyday and talking to me about all kinds of crazy horseshit because there is a large neon sign positioned directly above my monitor that reads: […]

We are Economic Cows

Every year they alter the system a little more in their favour and a little less in yours tightening the hold that they already have on you. Taxes will increase insurance and interest rates will steadily rise bank fees become slightly adjusted to lessen your wallet gas prices sky-rocket then fall back down to a […]

Good Ol’ Tommy

I saw an old college buddy at the grocery store. I haven’t seen him in years so I waved at him excitedly with both hands with all the subtlety of the Kool-aid Man crashing through a wall. Oh Yeah! “Hey Fucker!” I shouted gleefully across the frozen produce section. I waited for him to register […]