Is the day that neighbours like to terrorize veterans and pets alike by unleashing a seemingly endless arsenal of loud sky magic. Restrained to their yards because everything is canceled forever fireworks (and plenty) help air out the grievances. Two lots over a dazzling array of starbursts mostly white (racists) with a nice jazzy finish. […]

Summer Is Coming

Beneath the frozen ground I can see summer. I heard it was coming in the loose gossip buoyantly floating around town. I had a dream that leaves were climbing back upon the trees like little green soldiers. Soon, all the birds will come back all at once and the girls laughing will break out the […]


I wonder why people think that they need politicians other than wanting a face there to tell them that everything will be okay that all of the things they don’t want to think about themselves would be dealt with their best interests in mind because seriously, what kind of fool would believe that? They say […]

Good Ol’ Tommy

I saw an old college buddy at the grocery store. I haven’t seen him in years so I waved at him excitedly with both hands with all the subtlety of the Kool-aid Man crashing through a wall. Oh Yeah! “Hey Fucker!” I shouted gleefully across the frozen produce section. I waited for him to register […]

She is Leaving You (Welcome to Canada)

She is made out of steel and concrete. She will snatch away your seeds and then scratch out your sky. She will yank out your heart like a weed from her garden. She will not come for you at the airport or anywhere else. She will leave you. She is leaving you. She is already […]