I am Burning With Life

I am burning with life not a candle but a torch, a wall, an inferno I blaze I want to touch your skin, your arms, your face so that you can feel it feel me my rage my love is pain that burns like tears that never go away. I am burning with Life.

World-Wide Unrest

This is the time of night when the cold wind rustles the dead leaves when all the flowers wither up into little balls of dried nothingness where the radio plays the same song over and over again as factories close and politicians get reelected the wheel turns and turns deeper into the mud the children […]

There is a Growing Sickness on the Web

I’m always at a party somewhere and it’s killing me but the alcohol eases the pain of being around other people like my friend who shoves his phone in my face and says, “Hey Man, you GOTTA see THIS!” as he starts a video and although I probably didn’t want to see whatever he had […]

She is Leaving You (Welcome to Canada)

She is made out of steel and concrete. She will snatch away your seeds and then scratch out your sky. She will yank out your heart like a weed from her garden. She will not come for you at the airport or anywhere else. She will leave you. She is leaving you. She is already […]