New Horror Novel Out: The Dweller

I have a new horror novel out now on Amazon that delves into my musings on perception, dreams and the spirit world—and just in time for the holidays! You should definitely check it out!

Writing is to Bleed Across Every Damn Page

I don’t want to write safe. I want to stretch out and bleed across every damn page and when it’s finished I want to feel that I have truly left something that was a part of me behind as harrowing as the process might be to myself because why else would I really bother picking […]

Through the Moon / Best Ideas

Through the Moon Run your hand through your hair Silly Child and you’ll drag my heart through the moon I am a far away star unventured cocksure and fiercely bright But there are things left out in the cold unchained that can ruin a feast and I am sun-drenched with shame to what I awaken […]

Monday’s Out to Kill Me Kill Me

Monday is a duplicitous treacherous whore a midnight murderer (you’re next -it will find you) a useless begging in a dingy alley Monday is going to kill me kill me dead just like my brain -dead just like my soul -dead dead dead Monday is an old man that doesn’t want to get up from […]

This is What Makes You a Writer

This is for all the times that you stubbornly wrote tired, half-drunk, drunk at work in-between doing other things beyond frustrated because you haven’t had a clear day just for writing in months and it was always rush this rush that looking at the clock for compassion where there was none writing on the backs […]

Everything is Out to Get You While You Sleep

You are most vulnerable while you are sleeping and it is for this reason that I give my bedroom a thorough inspection before I am satisfied with my surroundings enough to lay down to rest and this is after the routine perimeter check of the household to ensure that all possible entrances are firmly secured: […]