Writing is to Bleed Across Every Damn Page

I don’t want to write safe.
I want to stretch out and
bleed across every damn page
and when it’s finished
I want to feel that I have
truly left something
that was a part of me
as harrowing as the process
might be to myself
because why else
would I really bother
picking up a pen
unless it was to dig it
deep into my chest
and let it just bleed
freely and openly
across every


5 thoughts on “Writing is to Bleed Across Every Damn Page

  1. f8

    I like it, reminds me of that Bradbury or Vonnegut quote about how “writing is easy, sit down at the typewriter, open up a vein, and bleed!” (touches scars and sings Hallelujah but in voice of Crazy Kirk )



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