The War Veteran

Johnny had his face in his iPhone. He didn’t see the crippled old war veteran lying like litter on the sidewalk in a beaten parka begging for change. “Get out of my way, you filthy bum!” Johnny was disgusted. The city should do a better job of keeping this scum out of his sight. As […]

It Gets Harder To See The Way

It’s hard to see the stars from the gallows or a smile through tears. It’s hard to see rot beneath beauty hope beneath shame love beneath all that hate. It’s hard to see change at the end of a gun peace through the flames or God through all that pain. It’s hard not to bury […]

I am Sorry That I asked

Today I woke up with a huge blemish on my face and when I stared at it it seemed to stare right back. Later, at the buffet for my father’s birthday he leaned forward looked at me and asked “What happened to your face?” “Well, that’s not very nice.” I replied. “I have a pimple. […]

Bradley Manning

They shot down journalists from the sky by the dozen bombed civilian structures took away fathers in the night on nothing more than a suggestion to be processed accordingly but it doesn’t matter because everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan is a fucking terrorist, right? And this is war our war the war that you’re paying […]

World-Wide Unrest

This is the time of night when the cold wind rustles the dead leaves when all the flowers wither up into little balls of dried nothingness where the radio plays the same song over and over again as factories close and politicians get reelected the wheel turns and turns deeper into the mud the children […]