When the summer moon kisses the night ocean it creates a luminous walkway upon the glistening surface. A haunting white ribbon stretching right out to shore. An ethereal passage of light inviting out to all eternity the bravest of souls and the already dead all the same.

It Gets Harder To See The Way

It’s hard to see the stars from the gallows or a smile through tears. It’s hard to see rot beneath beauty hope beneath shame love beneath all that hate. It’s hard to see change at the end of a gun peace through the flames or God through all that pain. It’s hard not to bury […]


Not every good person wins. Not every bad person pays. Not every smart person knows the way. Karma is a story that we tell ourselves so that we sleep better at night with our debts. With our children beside us we look out the window and only see night but sometimes we can also see […]

Dozy Cat

Dozy cat purring mound of fur yawning on my belly all paws whiskers and a barbell moustache smile. It stretches out with laughing eyes and returns to sleep with enviable speed.

The Tree From Which Robins Sing (For Sariah)

This is me in here trapped, tragic and tearing out life in words worlds whittled out from sadness out into the dark from light out from my hand out like a melody from the tree from which robins sing. I speak the language of birds calamitous harmony in my happiness when I am alone always […]

Big Fat Fly in the Dead of Winter

It’s the dead of winter and there is a big fat fly marauding around my garage coming closer and closer to my head as it sweeps out trying to get the most of the situation and I sit here writing this to Stevie Wonder with a used blunt in the ashtray sipping on a glass […]