She is Leaving You (Welcome to Canada)

She is made out of steel and concrete. She will snatch away your seeds and then scratch out your sky. She will yank out your heart like a weed from her garden. She will not come for you at the airport or anywhere else. She will leave you. She is leaving you. She is already […]

Problem Solved

I had no interest in her at first because everybody liked her even the girls and all I heard about was her..her…HER! And I was under the mindset that if everyone all really liked something than it couldn’t have been very good. I had recently started working at a textile factory watching fabric spin around […]

A Letter and a Gun

I fell in love with my first cousin. Yeah, I know. But I’m not ashamed of it. You should have met her then you might understand. My last night in Buenos Aires we got drunk and I put my hand on her knee. That was it. I realized what I was doing and removed it […]

After the After-Party

After all the beautiful woman have fucked your soul until there is nothing left. After everywhere you go all you see are the damned -the expressionless eyes hanging lifelessly over vacant grins -the halfwit producers of the mounds of consumer waste piling up at the edges of the earth for nothing. After everything you touch […]

You Don’t Say No to the Captain

I tried to stay away from cocaine…or what I like to refer to as ‘Captain Cocaine’ so that it sounds much less serious even to me. Gives it some flavour, you know? Sort of like a freakishly twisted parody of a Saturday morning children’s show: ‘Hey kids, it’s time for (everybody shouts) Caaaptaaaiiin Cocaaaaiiine! Okay, […]

Natasha’s Light

From Natasha’s Light:         “You are much like a woman, you know that?” Natasha said, picking away at another dandelion.         “So you’ve been thinking about me.”         “The only time I’m not with you is when I’m in bed. When I sleep.” She replied quickly, laughing nervously. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”         “Funny, I’ve actually heard that […]

And I Thought I Knew What Tough Was

I picked up a job at Medicote. Night shift. Minimum wage: $8.65 an hour. I processed bus bumpers, moving them from the paint line to the drying line, from a horizontal rack to a vertical rack. They weighed about a hundred pounds each. My trainer was Petey. Nice little guy. He was five-foot-three and about […]