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We are Economic Cows

Every year they
alter the system
a little more in their favour
and a little less in yours
tightening the hold
that they already have on you.
Taxes will increase
insurance and interest rates will steadily rise
bank fees become slightly adjusted to lessen your wallet
gas prices sky-rocket
then fall back down to a slightly higher level
then before
and will remain there
until the next elevation
and the newspaper will print
some bullshit story as to why
while hydro escalates delivery fees
and sometimes they might even
tell you about it
now your two percent cost of living increase
just won’t cut it anymore
there are too many hands in your pockets
and government cuts on your paycheck
and they keep taking a little more
and then a little more
until you have nothing left for yourself
after you have given it all to them
so you borrow from the banks
that have put you there in the first place
so that you could have the same things
that your parents had:
The house, the car, maybe a boat
the large screen televisions and
backyard barbecues
and you plunge yourself further and further
into debt
so much that you can’t even afford
the interest payments
and that’s when they really nail you
with penalties
because not being able to make your payments
isn’t bad enough
and you go to work everyday
you stand in line at the punch-clock
working to make the rich richer
and after that it’s to the grocery store or the local walmart
spending money to make the rich richer
thinking that this is all normal
when in reality
they are milking us
day in day out
we are economic cows
just dollar signs coming in
a percentage of increase in profit for that quarter
and they keep taking
and taking and
increasing their take
until one day
only the rich will be able to survive
and we will all be left to
fight each other for their scraps
while we dig their trenches and
build and maintain their paradise
as slaves
wondering how we got there.

Well, let me tell you
that it wasn’t overnight.
Oh no.
It was a long, drawn out process
penny by penny
decade after decade
squeezing us a little tighter
then a little more
putting new systems in place
fabricating their necessity
selling our own demise to us
keeping us in line
under the illusion of freedom
all the way
to the chains.

If you don’t believe me, fine.
But it’s in your face everyday
so go out and take a look around you

and open your eyes.