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Buying My First Smartphone

“Here’s your new phone.”
“It’s looking at me funny!”
“That’s probably your own reflection.”
“Where are all the buttons?”
“It doesn’t have any.”
“What kind of witch-magic is this?!”

I gave the phone a shake.
Nothing happened.
Nothing came out.
All the witches must still be inside.
I shook it harder
then stuffed it down my pants.

The store clerk was looking at me
like I just murdered his Chihuahua
with a sledgehammer
and then ate it.


She Was A Sole Sad Violin Playing Inside of a Great Cathedral

I never knew how to dance
until I touched her face and
met her smile.

It could light up the world
with other
better worlds.

She was Socrates, Mozart
sheet music
sunlight falling between hair
dreams shaken from a child’s
kaleidoscope of sight.

A sad violin
playing inside of a great cathedral.

I was empty space
between everything
and nothing

She taught me how to fly
“Hun, don’t look down.
Look to where you want to go.”

And it was to her window
each time
where she would breathe in
my anxious breath.

“Take this light,
take it.
It doesn’t belong to me
than you do
than a dream does
than a sea of wanting
until all seas end.

This love, it’s killing me.”
I said.

She did
then she was gone
like a ghost fading
into music ending

with such stubborn silence.