‘My life is fulfilled now that I know what you had for fucking lunch.’

I always keep a poem or two
to work on at work
it keeps me off Facebook
while waiting for files to load
when the software is frozen
or the servers are down
or both
so that I don’t have to
listlessly stare at the
fragments of irrelevant and
endless horseshit
moving down my screen
that people put there
all the time
that’s so easy to become
temporarily lost in
because you’re not really
doing anything
not even really
just scrolling down

‘Why don’t you go stuff your cat in the toaster?’

and it’s mildly pleasant
to drift through the
conscious stream like the
drive thru at McDonalds
as people drift through yours
while it’s all just an outright
abuse of our attention spans
save for the occasional
public meltdown
because they’re the most
entertaining of all
and can be downright
because I have friends that are
delightfully insane
and their morbid humour and
maniacal dialogue
helps pass the time
until my files are done
then I can continue to do
what I’m actually
paid for
for a little while

‘Good God, I slept with THAT?!’


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