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Coke Dick Whiskey Dick

“You’re not allowed anymore of that (substance).
You’re going to get coke-dick.
You’re going to get whiskey-dick.
You’re going to get all kinds of dick
except the one that stands up straight
and is of any use.”

Such a tough crowd.
She had her arms crossed.
Doll-Junky, you’re my true high.

Naked. 3PM at a motel room table.
I had just uncorked a bottle of red
with my keys because right now
I could do anything
except her.

She looked around the room and the ceiling, bored.
She said, “Read me your story -the one about the princess.”
“Sweetheart, they’re all about the princess.”
“You’re such a pretentious fuck.”
She lifted her legs, straight and narrow.
Neon toenails…“I want my feet massaged.”
“I want a yacht.” I returned.
“I want to fuck.”
“Well, which do you want,” I asked, “the coke or the whiskey?”

She smiled. “I’ll take the yacht.”

I sighed, fetched my first draft and a glass of whiskey
then I began to read.