Everything Becomes Nothing

We abate softly into nothingness into finality into the darkness beneath a great empty canvas and so on this certain passing I felt almost touched and almost momentarily elated if you will from the brooding vacuous maelstrom that has become most days it was somewhat like catching the whisper of an echo in a backroom […]

Fuck January

It was -26C out. I had turned the key twice but my car wouldn’t start. It would just growl a little then die. I gave it a dirty look. It started. I drove across a city covered in ice as brittle as glass and snow turned hard as stone screaming along to a rap song […]

I Was Hoping Just to Sit and Talk To You

In this city of the lonely the dying the hard-asses and hard of luck it doesn’t matter to you what I’ve seen been through cared about or my troubles while doing so. It doesn’t matter at all. Why should it? I don’t know you and you rarely ever know me so we’ve always managed to […]