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Dreams are For You and For You Only

You can never fully explain your dreams to anyone
and I don’t know why some people bother
because you really have to be there
right there
in order to truly understand its impact.

You must personally taste the
all-encompassing fear
experience the movement and
interpret the sounds yourself.

The light, colour and depth of this world
you can never convey to someone else
as it is only meant for you.

Sure, dreams mean something
but seldom what anyone says
especially not what books on dreams will tell you
how this image or vision sequence signifies fear, loss, anxiety
how that would explain who you were in a past life
as though it were part of an equation of some kind
that, my friend
is utter bullshit from nothing more than scam artists
and astrological fiends.

Do you really think that we are that simple
or that it ends there?

Dreams can open many things to you
same as life
you just have to be willing to
swallow your fear
restrain your judgment
and take a look around
at what’s really there.

Each dream has its own secret
its lair is a trip
sometimes they are a
harrowing descent into madness
and at others
a fleeting glimpse
up the skirts of angels.

So do yourself a favour
next time you get up
take a moment and try to recall it
or when it comes to you during your morning meeting
indulge yourself in a little recollection
your boss and their bullshit will be there the next day too
and you just never know

you might surprise yourself.