Dusty Trumpets

Let me love you furiously like death loves the young and fire loves a tree. Let me take your hand and put it on the trigger. Let’s turn everything into just plain murder. Let’s give them all Hell for having birthed us. Let’s scream off the agony of being and beat down the cages just […]

The Dust Of Long Dead Sheep

It’s always time for the rodeo when I’ve accepted the fetal position as a way of life for fear of putting on the clown suit. Doubt comes barging in like a mad cocaine pirate that I welcome on-board with streamers, ribbons and balloons as my dreams vacuously congeal into dried husks so often that I […]

You Can’t Write For Them

Like I Have a Choice A buddy of mine came up to me the other day and said: “I finally read a few of your posts and I really like your writing but I found that a lot of your stuff is really dark. What the hell happened to you?” “I fell down some stairs.” […]