Visiting The Places From My Dreams

After dreaming about a place
a house
a factory
a strip
multiple times
I will take a pilgrimage there
get out of my car and
walk around
looking for something
though I can never
find anything
than just a house
a factory
a strip
but still
like a demented mule
I will keep at it.

Maybe I’m searching for
in nothing but
my dreams draw me out
like some
-they just do.

I have hope that
one day I will
giving me a meaning as to
I keep seeing it.

It just feels like
there should be

6 thoughts on “Visiting The Places From My Dreams

      1. arjun bagga

        Ha Ha…sooner or later we all hit the wall…In this absurd world, it’s important to give our existence some significance….or not. Enjoy this journey my friend…

  1. Skye

    What is a strip, Hernan? And, I agree…in the midst of all of it, there is you….and we are enjoying your journey. At least I know I am. 🙂


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