I once knew that I was in love
with a girl by the serene way
her hand glided down the railing
of the staircase she was

Does that make sense to you?
Yeah, me neither

and nothing has made any sense

10 thoughts on “Love

  1. It is often love and the things that follow that challenge the mind the most. It is the difference between two individuals coming together to make one that can make the best individuals even seem challenged.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Forever lost without reason our minds are our own – check me out!

  2. Makes perfect since to me but only those who have been in love understand that it doesn’t always line up with things that make since to the nake, inexperienced eye.

    1. So true. I think a lot of people mistake love for lust but love is a deeper, higher, mystical force that cannot always be understood just by looking at it the same as anything else. Only those that have been in love know what love truly is.

      1. Yes, I do think love can make you crazy sometimes but it is because it is an intense force and there is more involved. I agree with you that lust isn’t even an option in love it is something far more intricate. If you’re in lust it is easy to walk away for the next “high” in many cases.

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