We Are All Caught Up In The Insanity of Selling Shit To Ourselves

We’re going to sell it
no matter what
as long as it sells

as long as it brings in money
more money
than last year
the year before

and it doesn’t matter
if it came from the blood
of the weak or the poor

It doesn’t matter if
producing it
kills off some species
here and there
paves over the last of our
natural resources or human rights
poisons our oceans
our air
until we cannot see
cannot breathe

It doesn’t matter if it
poisons the souls of our children
until we have soulless children

All that matters is
whether people will buy it
if we keep on making it

And for people like you
like me
like us
this is everyday
go to work
go out shopping
to spend all of our money
on shit that we don’t need
until our houses are so full of it
that we don’t have room for anything else
until we have so many things
that we don’t even go outside
until even our children
don’t go outside anymore

And this is what people call normal

But let me tell you
this is not normal
this is as far from fucking normal
as you can get

this is a sickness
a disease
an insanity
a problem that is eating
at our souls as much as it does
our planet

open all your eyes
and look around
you don’t need any of this
you never have
and the only reason that
you thought you did
is because those who sell it
tell you that
and unless we realize how
stupid how
insane how
weak we have become
selling selling selling
with no regard for each other or
developing ourselves our
moral responsibility as
caretakers of the planet as teachers
of our children as friends as neighbours
it’s all going to go out the window and
nothing will matter because
we as a society have completely lost the handle on
who we are as there is nothing but
dollar signs and cheap plastic and
bottom-feeding souls that have risen from the garbage heaps
of commercials reality tv shows record deals
and merchandise endorsements.

There is nothing real or of value anymore
its all just shit that we sell to ourselves
there is nothing more to that
and there never will be

as long as it fucking sells.


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