Alone Flower Blooming In The Shadow of a Stack of Cars In The Junkyard

As a child
my backyard
was a sewage plant
beside a junk yard
between mounds of rubble and

I used to find flowers
in the most unlikeliest of places

-a fresh tulip
growing out through the cracks
of an abandoned factory floor
without explanation
or thriving
under the husk of a dead car
hushed in the shadow
stoically vibrant.

It was inspirational that they appeared
where they were
where they grew
seemingly out of nothing

in places like this
not on the emerald lawns of
glass houses across town
but in these abandoned corners of
rust and decay

there was always a robust
peaking out of
impossibly corrupt terrain
to shine out among the drab
the dull
the lifeless wasted forgotten
neglected areas
where it gave rich color
to a dead palette and

where it mattered.


9 thoughts on “Alone Flower Blooming In The Shadow of a Stack of Cars In The Junkyard

  1. Skye

    New favorite alert!!!!!!!! It is called hope. The hope that God brings in the most desolate of times like a beacon to keep the desperate holding on. All it takes is one flower, one glimmer of hope to keep you from sliding into the abyss.

    Well done!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  2. S.

    OH, this is soooo beautiful. More than just the writing (which is consistently brilliant), the whole idea of how good and beautiful things find a way to shine through all adversity, I love it! 🙂


  3. Shirlena

    From tragedy something wonderful can rise and there is so much more we can discover by considering what the contents are rather than the exterior which can be deceiving. There are so many aspects of life this poem can apply to. Gorgeous read.



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