Sometimes The Only Thing You Have Left Is Fight

Gathering up your days
into something that is meaningful
is at times an absolutely daunting task
at best
when the evening completes
your transformation into
a haggard shell of what you were
when you had awakened.

Your shoulders hang limp.
Sleep gravity threatens to floor you.
There are strange colourful shapes
floating in the corners of your eyes
and focus seems
out of the question.

You need to shut yourself down but
tomorrow will be the same
and there will be no sense of
forward movement.

That is unacceptable.

You were not put here
to give in
so you pick up where you left off
and you keep at it until the
sense of having actually
accomplished something
settles in because that
is who you are.

Sometimes all that you have left is fight.

Sleep is for the damned.

Anger is a gift.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes The Only Thing You Have Left Is Fight

  1. sariah

    Thank you…
    …thank you for knowing it can be like that, and the reminder to keep going.
    Then putting it to words so beautifully.


  2. f8

    You need to read some Hemingway. Start with The Sun Also Rises. I think you’ll really dig his manliness and his origami, ornate soul. (Cryo-genically freezes chwd)


    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      Thanks, Skye. I’ve just been struggling with my book and haven’t been able to sleep which makes everything worse. It’s just one of those weeks. I wrote this because I was angry at not being able to write because of how tired I was. Kind of funny, I suppose. Thank you for your kindness.



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