What are we celebrating Christmas for?
And do you believe in it?
Because all that I see
are people tired of the malls
and their families
that would be thankful
for the days off
if they didn’t have to deal with either.

But me
I like the flashing lights
so bring on the
and the fruitcake.

And Rudolph’s story
that’s pretty good too.


5 thoughts on “Christmas

    1. Hernan J Monzon Post author

      I love Christmas but I’m the only one I know that does. I was at a Christmas party yesterday and this was my reflection of the general cynicism in the attitudes of everyone there. Worst yet is that nobody wants to come over and bake gingerbread men with me.


      1. Skye

        Ummmmm……excuse me! You are totally excluding a certain American who feels exactly the same way…AND, I will have you know, Sir, that I baked gingerbread men and women the other day….So…Pfffffffft.

        Lovingly submitted, of course!!


      1. Skye

        Hey!!! Go read my poem if you can….you are a huge part of what I wrote. I thank you for your dear friendship!! 🙂

        Merry Christmas!!


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